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Fanny Sandberg (sandf)
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Posted: September 14, 2020
Last activity: September 14, 2020

Screen Flow integrated in Perform Harness



We are using a screen flow for one part of our application. Primarily we want the TreeNavigation structure but don't want to use the TreeNavigation7 harness due to the fact that we have a lot of customizations done to our Perform harness.

What we want to do is use the Perform harness as start harness of our screen flow, and have the tree navigation conditionally added into that harness (by adding the TreeNavigation7 section in the side list of the pyCaseMainInner). That way, we can use the same harness throughout the application (for perform views) but only show the tree navigating part when we're currently in a screen flow.

I've tried using the pzIsScreenFlow, the pyIsPerformScreenFlow, I've even tried modifying them and creating my own when rules to validate this since we don't want to use the default harnesses for screenflows but with no success. All of the rules I can find regarding this seems to be adjusted to Pega 7 and earlier, and not executable in Pega 8.

In short terms - in Pega 8, is there a way to validate in runtime if we're currently in a screenflow (that will be executable from pyCaseMainInner)?

Or, is it possible to implement the tree navigation part ONLY when in a screenflow, without using the TreeNavigation7 harness?


Thank you,



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