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In the Screen flow issue to handle the bread scrum senario to dispaly the message

Hi team


I have a screen flow which includes 5 screens with the screen flow. I need to display the message in the last screen(i.e. Fifth screen) and that message I need to display in the page level(harness level) ,to display the message I am using the post activity of the just before screen(forth screen) so here if I will run the flow by click on next button my message will display in the last screen as per the implementation.

But issue here is when we will not use the next button and directly click on the last screen(5th screen) by skipping the 4th screen we are not able to display the message.

(Note:1. Initially to resolve this issue I used utility for the particular assignment but as per best practice we cannot keep utility everywhere because I need to display this message in 2 screen flows, so I skip that option

2.I tried with the pre activity of the last screen where I need to display but for the 1st occurrence message is not appearing after refresh we are able to see the message that is also issue so I skipped)


If i want to revisit the previous screen i need to use the back button then i will not get the message in the previous screens but if I will use the bread scrum by skipping the 4th screen I am able to see the messages in the other previous screens also which is not needed.

So please provide your suggestions.


Priyanka Singh


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