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Posted: August 2, 2019
Last activity: August 5, 2019

Screen Flow Navigation with Sub Processes

Issue Summary:

Platform is Pega 8.1.5

I have a large process that I want to break up into more reuseable parts. I need to be able to combine these into screen flows for use in different stages. Looking at the documentation I have found this is supported as long as the sub flows are also screen flows.

I am not using breadcrumbs in the UI.

The issue I have found is that the 'Back' navigation button is not working on the assignment directly following a subflow. It is taking the user back to the last assignment in the current flow not the last one of the sub flow.


Is there an easy way to stop this / some configuration I have missed? I want the behaviour to be the same as if all of the assignments are in the same screen flow.

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