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Sending an Email with attachment is putting quotation marks around file name

I'm setting up a process to create and Excel file with case data, and then e-mail that file using a secure mail service Voltage.

My Excel file is created exactly as expected and that process works without issue, however when the file is sent through e-mail using the OOTB activity Work-.SendEmailWithAllAttachments the file name is being sent as "Transactions.xlsx" with the quotation marks around it. This is causing the file to be unable to be opened directly from Voltage. Should be noted that if I download the file and then rename it to remove the bad characters the file opens correctly and the data is present as expected.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated, I was able to find on the clipboard after a run a page EmailMessage with a value [attachment;filename="Transactions.xlsx"] on the property EmailMessage.pyParts(2).pyHeaders(ContentDisposition).pyValues(1).pyValue but I was unable to find where this was being created as it appears this process is buried in java that is inaccessible to myself.


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