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Posted: July 5, 2020
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Senior System Architect Configuring parallel processing > Challenge

Hi,I am trying the Challenge for Senior System Architect >Configuring parallel processing topic and facing below issues.

Steps Suggested :

Edit the AssessCandidate_1 section 

  1. In the AssessCandidate_1 section, add a Table layout to the bottom of the section.
  2. On the General tab of the table, set the table source as the .Interviews property.
  3. On the General tab of the table, under Header and footer, clear the Display grid header and Display grid footer options.
  4. Submit the tab changes.
  5. From the layout menu, drag an embedded section into the second row of the table.
  6. Click the Gear icon to open the Cell Properties dialog and from the Source field, enter or select InterviewFeedback.
  7. Delete the second dynamic layout. The section should look like the following image.

When doing step 5 > I am getting an error that section can not be dropped as it is not in class inheritance, even though i was successfully able to do the similar step suggested in the same challenge to ScheduleInterview_0 section

screenshot attached.

Please advise 

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