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Jason Preis (JPREIS73)

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Posted: October 12, 2016
Last activity: March 30, 2017

Showing a Loading Icon to display while a flow is loading...


I have a business requirement that is a wee bit interesting. We have a Pega application that launches via a junction from another application. In the background we have a few pre-activities when you hit our infrastructure to determine what type of user you are, and the access you are setup for. So, there are a few seconds where the screen goes blank due to the handoff from the calling application to our Pega application. Our business partners have asked if we can place the Pega loading icon from 7.1.8 to show during this time So, we are looking into trying to show a loading icon on the screen while the transition happens and our flow loads.

We also have another part of the application that has the same problem, however our header and action buttons load quickly, but the screen content takes a few moments to load off of the Clipboard, so the same issue exists, and our business partners would like to see a loading icon during the load.

So, in summary, we are trying to see if we can load up the Pega 'loading' icon before the flow starts, or if that is even possible straight from Pega.

We know there are ways to throw some javascript into the application that does the handoff, but that particular team is strapped for resources.

Any help would be appreciated.

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