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skipping a minor version of RAP . Is it the correct way ?

We are using Pega 7.3.1.

We have an upcoming PROD release where it includes Plan A and Plan B . Plan A is to deploy 01.10 version of the application , if successful , good , else , go for Plan B

Plan B - deploy 01.11 version of the application into PROD .

This is to reduce the risk of backout of an application ( I will just save the explanation for now ) .

My question here is -

Both Plan A and Plan B is already on Dev and QA and it is only a matter of deploying it to Prod . Meaning 01.10 and 01.11 both are on prod .

If Plan A deployment is successful on prod - is it wise to go with 01.12 app version for the next release , while 01.12 will also have the 01.10 version of rules saved again just to make the 01.11 changes not reflect .

Is this the only way to go ? or does anyone have a better way to go about this ?

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