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Andrew Blagnys (AndrewB7339)
Principle Solution Architect
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Posted: June 3, 2020
Last activity: June 4, 2020

SLA to un-assign case from operator breaks callbacks into case.

When an operator starts work on a case, it is assigned to them. There is a part of our E2E application flow that means that the Pega case forwards the operator onto payment screens that are not hosted on the pega platform, when payment is complete the payment system performs a redirect back to the case.

We have a general SLA; when there is no progress on the case for >15mins we assign the case back to the general pool.

We have a problem where:

There are certain times when payment takes >15mins and upon the payment application calling back to the pega case to perform the next steps, it errors as it is not assigned to that operator anymore. 

We do not want to pause this SLA when we transfer to the payments screens, as it is valid that in some cases the operator may have exited and we need that SLA to return the case to the pool within those timeframes.

We are thinking that either:

1. Our design is poor and there are other ways to approach this 'timeout' scenario

2. Our payment screens need to perform a keep alive function on the pega case

Does anyone have experience of this scenario/similar or have any ideas on how a keep alive could be performed (maybe through the Pega Api)

For our sins we are Pega 7.1.9

Pega Platform 7.1.9 Case Management Communications and Media System Architect