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SmartInfo Error on Customization

I am taking OOTB ACTIVITY @baseclass • getSmartInfo and saving this to my class ABC in Pega 6.1 SP2.

On the second line of this Activity there is a call to 'Show-Stream' which takes the following

StreamClass Rule-HTML-Section
StreamName SmartInfo

I am unable to find this StreamName 'SmartInfo' to customize.

So I did a search and was able to find a few sections and wanted to customize HistoryItemSmartInfo from History- as an example. The HistoryItemSmartInfo Section has two properties viz. TaskName and FlowName. Since my class has the FlowName, I was able to remove the TaskName property and include only one property and save it as FlowItemSmartInfo in my class.

getHistoryItemSmartInfo Activity under History- calls HistoryItemSmartInfo on Step 3 using pyHistoryItem as the step page.

pyHistoryItem is defined on Pages & Classes Tab as of class History-.

I attempted to do the same viz. save getHistoryItemSmartInfo as getABCItemSmartInfo under class ABC. My Pages and Classes tab has pyWorkItem defined of type class ABC. In short, alI I am doing is copying the getHistoryItemSmartInfo Activity to my class and changing the references to myclass. But PEGA refuses to save saying

'StreamName Failed to find instance ABC.WorkItemSmartInfo of type Rule-Obj-HTML.'

Can some one explain to me what I am doing wrong?

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