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Sorting Issue in Repeating Grids

I am using a repeating grid, where sorting should be enabled. Grid Source using is ABC.pxResults.

Able to sort only some columns. For some columns I am getting error like below.

Exception Trace Failed to process comparator list, Cannot get property information for: Class:"ABC-Data-XYZ" Property:".abc". Details: Invalid value for aClassName, aPropertyName passed to, String, String). Details: Invalid value for aComparator passed to, String[], boolean[], String[])

Found this support article : Node ID: 1333331 SA ID: SA-36092

Wrf to this article:

Eventhough I am using toplevel page of clipboard (ie. ABC.pxResults ) as my grid source, I am able to sort for some columns and for some columns I am not able to.

If it is the Pega Code issue, it should not work for all the columns I assume. Please confirm and suggest a solution.

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