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Repeating grid refresh issue

I am using tab control with repeating grid sourced from report definition.Each row on the grid is using flow action for expandable rows which is another repeating grid. If the portal remains open for 10-15 or more minutes then click on any row displays the expanded pane details wrongly for another row. To resolve this issue, I put link named refresh on portal which runs script with for following function -

function ReloadPortalFromServer()

But this is also not working and facing the same issue. Users don't want to put logoff option on screen also. I tried also session timeout option in access group but not working in this case.

Due to this issue, users suggested auto refresh of screen at regular time intervals so tried the following script function but not worked -

var time = new Date().getTime();

function reloadWEPortal() {
if(new Date().getTime() - time >= 900000) {
time = new Date().getTime();
time = new Date().getTime();

We are using chrome browser for application testing and prpc version is 7.2

Please suggest fix for this.

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