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Data grid refresh issue from modal window

In my current implementation, there is data grid on portal generated through data page. This grid rows on click opens expanded pane which is flow action containing buttons like edit, delete etc. On click of these expanded pane buttons, modal window is opened where certain operations performed like submit, save etc. On clicking of modal window buttons, modal window closes and if another row expanded pane button clicked then nothing happens. Portal is getting hanged and data grid is not working. I have to explicitely refresh the browser window to continue.

In pega logs following exception appears -

2018-08-30 22:29:20,382 [ocessing, eon_id=932] [ ] [ ] [ ] (ngineinterface.service.HttpAPI) ERROR - : java.lang.IllegalStateException
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Malformed input URL: additional content after thread purpose
at com.pega.pegarules.session.external.engineinterface.etier.engine.URLComponentProcessor.populateApplicationName(
at com.pega.pegarules.session.external.engineinterface.etier.engine.URLComponentProcessor.populatePathInfoComponents(
at com.pega.pegarules.session.external.engineinterface.etier.engine.URLComponentProcessor.parsePathInfo(
at com.pega.pegarules.session.external.engineinterface.etier.engine.HttpRequestMapper.buildRequestorDataFromHttpRequest(
at com.pega.pegarules.session.internal.engineinterface.service.HttpAPI.setRequestMap(

Is there any fix for this issue?

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