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Erzhan Elemesov (Erzhan_E)
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Posted: November 28, 2016
Last activity: February 8, 2017

Split one offer by several suboffers


I have following case: I have customer base and each customer has his own language. In total I have 8 languages and it represents in customer table under Language variable. Now I want to launch campaign and I have to split one offer to 8 languages. What I can do is to use Segment and Filter component in marketing strategy and send to each customer appropriate offer on his language (for example in filter I'm setting Language="EN" etc.). But then for this way I need to create 8 Offer flow with same logic, only one component will differ is Email.

Now question is: Is it possible to do step of splitting offer by languages in Offer Flow using Decision table? If yes, then how? And what is better practice for this particular case to split offer by languages in Marketing Strategy or in Offer Flow if it is possible? (I'm using Pega Marketing 7.13)

Thank you!

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