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Posted: September 30, 2020
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Posted: 30 Sep 2020 11:14 EDT
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Unable to delete Action/Offer rule(PEGAMKT-WORK-OFFER)

Hi Team,

We have setup few actions/offers in Pega Marketing 8.4 environment using NBA Designer.

After initial setup, when we try to delete a action/offer in a higher version using Delete option on the rule form, even though we see the action/offer rule gets deleted but when we go back to action list we still the Action present in the same version which got deleted.

Steps Followed:

Two ruleset version exists. 01-01-01 is locked and 01-01-02 is open.

Action_A present in both 01-01-01 and 01-01-02 versions. 

Delete Action_A from 01-01-02 version. Upon deletion, we don't see any error message on the rule form.

Go back to Action list or search the action and open the rule. Rule from 01-01-02 gets opened and we see checkout option present as well.

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