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Nikolaos Alexiou (NikolaosA)

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Posted: August 18, 2020
Last activity: August 19, 2020

StartupProject value in RuntimeConfig.xml fails for URLs - Web Server Autoloading

Based on the following guide,

I want to distribute a robotic automation package via a web server.

However, per step 4 highlighted below, when I set the URL of the server in the RuntimeConfig.xml by setting the StartupProject value, Pega Robot Runtime will not start. 


Distributing from a web server

To use a web server to distribute Pega Robot Studio projects, copy the deployment package to a website location that can be accessed by Runtime users. Here are the basic steps for distributing Pega Robot Studio projects using a web server.

1. Verify that the .openspan extension is enabled on the web server.

2. Upload the deployment package files to the appropriate location on the web server.

3. Grant access to the web server to the appropriate users.

4. Publish the URL of the deployment package web site location to the Runtime users or set the RuntimeConfig.xml configuration files to autoload the project from the website.

5. Maintain version control of the deployment package.


My RuntimeConfig.xml looks like this:



<add key="StartupProject" value="" />


Also, both files are available on the server on urls below:

and project loads successfully when manually loaded via Load Web Project... option.

Is the above configuration correct? If not, can you post here an example of how to autoload a project from a website? If yes, what is the problem?

Thank you.

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