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Posted: September 3, 2020
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Posted: 3 Sep 2020 8:23 EDT
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The process CRM.exe failed to start within the given timeframe.

Hi, I am taking the training on Pega Studio, and I am experiencing this issue, that I saw is a common issue. The strange thing is that the CRM application actually starts, and in the Studio_Log4Net.txt I see that the appication was started, injected and resumed.

I work for a company with a computer with some restrictions in the software, so I cannot disable the antivirus, that I saw it was the most common solution for the problem.

Is there any other way to solve the issue?

I have Windows 10, and I am working with the following version of Pega Studio.

Pega Robot Studio Version 14.0.25420.1 D14REL Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.8.03752

Installed Version: Express

Pega Robot Studio Copyright © 2001-2019 All rights reserved Pegasystems Inc.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Pega Robotic Desktop Automation 19.1 Robotic Process Automation Technology Services Solutions Engineer