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String compare is failing in report

Hello Community, 

I have an application that inserts new codes generated by user, to avoid duplicates I use a report that connects via JBDC and extracts a list to search for possible coincidences against my candidate code.

In the UI the value is set to uppercase with a method set in the property and gets trimmed with '@String.trim(str)' in DataTransform. The value in the report comes from database as uppercase and gets trimmed with Left and Right trim methods.

My issue is that I need to create a 'P1' code as mandatory and I get the error when reports find a 'P14' value, the message is that 'P1' already exists.

The tracer points me to the same value in my tests. I'm not really sure if I'm missing something about trimming the string or if there is an alternative to observe this particular record.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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