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Posted: March 4, 2015
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Support Content Persistence

First off, I'm excited to see this latest (Pilot) iteration of Pega developer support. Jive is a good platform. Thanks to all who worked to get us here!

One concern I have, given that this is a pilot *and* there's an open question whether this will be the platform going forth, is how we can get some degree of confidence that user-created content will persist. I had been contributing some posts in a shared area for the last year, and my access to that appeared to disappear this week. It may be coincidence -- and I'm looking into that privately -- but I'd like to be able to move content here if it makes more sense (once nice feature about Jive is that it's very easy to move content from one place to another).

Also, an issue that could be of interest to many folks here, I'd like to search through the PDN Forums to find all my opinion questions, to evaluate whether to bring them forward here for fresh visibility. There's been varying support for finding all of one's posts on the PDN Forum platform (see question), and, while strictly speaking that's a question for the PDN team, it is all part of the face of GCS to us customers. It would be helpful to have all of one's content in one place -- and it doesn't necessarily need to be done automatically, we users should be able to at least pick & choose.

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