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Supported KMS from PEGA


When I went through this link below a while ago for the capabilities supported for encryption, AWS KMS was the only supported KMS while a colleague of mine pointed out today that additional KMS support has been added now.

snippet from the link here -

The Keystore class allows you to implement a "bring your own key" (BYOK) approach to encryption of application and internal system data, where you control and manage the master key that is used by Pega Platform for encryption. Supported key management systems include Amazon Web Services Key Management Service (AWS KMS), HashiCorp Vault, Microsoft Azure Key Vault, and Google Cloud KMS. You can also use a data page to define custom access to any other external key management system.


1) From which version of PEGA can I now connect to the additional KMS other than AWS?

2) Is it only supported from a cloud system?

3) Also, the help document for 8.2 still suggests we can only use AWS KMS. Is this to be updated based on the details from the link above?

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