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Switch Application - Does'nt clear existing threads?


We have built a new user profile with access to 2 access groups - 1 each for an implementation app using the same framework app and the users can switch between the impl applications. Both access groups uses the same portal.

If a user is in app1 starts a new case for that impl (temp case until persisted) and then switches to app2 and starts a new case for impl2, the system seems to be using the thread created as part of app1 leading to incorrect behaviors (DP's from the original thread are reused for example). And I suspect since these are temp cases to start with, the tab name is New (until persisted) which might be why the system uses the same thread?

Should the threads created as part of 1 app not be cleared when the switch application script is called?

Anyone has had prior experience on this or any views of how the system should behave?


Note: Might put in custom logics before switching app to autoclose all tabs and such. But before getting into any custom solution, would like to understand how the system should work in this scenario.

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Pega Platform 7.3.1 Case Management