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two layer of the RuleSet list

I could not understand very well the "two layers" mentioned in the below help document regarding rule-set list assembling.

According to the document all rulesets are belong to the second layer, then what is the first layer ?

Can anyone explain the "two layer" concept?



Application form

Completing the Definition tab

About the RuleSets arrays

Image removed.The Definition tab lists four sets of RuleSets :

The order of the entries within these lists affects the assembly of a user's RuleSet list and the operation of the rule resolution algorithm.When assembling the RuleSet list at sign-on, the system works from the top of each list down. RuleSets appear in the following order, in two layers.

  • The operator's personal RuleSet, containing rules the operator has checked out, comprises the top of the second layer. (This RuleSet is not specified on the Application rule form. Operators have a personal RuleSet only if the Allow Rule Check Out? check box (on the Security tab of their Operator ID data instance) is selected.
  • Branch RuleSets form the next lower group in the second layer.
  • Application RuleSets form the next lower group in the second layer.
  • Component and shared RuleSets, if any, form the next group of the second layer.
  • Standard RuleSets provided by Pegasystems, that start with the five-character prefix "Pega-" (not the four-character prefix "Pega"), appear at the bottom of the second layer.

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