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URL Mapping - Open assignment in operator's portal

Hi team,

Checking for options using URL mapping to open case assignment on portal for authenticated operators.

I have already implemented 2 "working" solutions, but none of them satisfy 100% of the requirement  :

1) Using Assign-.ProcessAssignment activity : The assignment is shown without portal header and navigation sidebar, but all case actions case processing works fine (including "go back" feature that allow navigation on previous assignment in standard flow and between différent flows).

2) Using pyMobileSnapStart activity : The assignment is shown correctly in the portal but some case processing feature as the "go back" is not working. Also when using navigation menu (to show MyWork landing page for exemple) the portal header and menu sidebar are lost.

Are there other options with URL Mapping to open assignment on operator's portal ?

Also, curious to know if there is an explanation, why snapstart could change some case processing and portal navigation behavior ?

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