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Using Analytics Tool On An Pega Application

We are planning to leverage a analytics tool for our application built on PegaRules 7.3.1 (Cloud) to capture the statistics on the user clicks and most visited features that were built on our application.

But, before that, out of curiosity, I want to ask few questions to the group with this aspect.

  1. Does Pega cloud / PegaRules already have any analytics tool or feature available for customer to leverage this kind of statistics?
  2. If yes, then
    1. Can you please throw an insight on the same for our cognizant along with its features and advantages and any limitations if exists?
  3. If no, then
    1. Can you please let us know whether we can leverage Google Analytics for the same?
    2. Can Google Analytics tool can be installed on Pega cloud? Will they allow?
    3. Is there any ports required to be opened to do the same?
    4. Are there any other security aspects that is required to be considered ?
    5. Are there any limitations?
    6. How to implement this for a Pega application?

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