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Jacky Yap (yapj1)
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Posted: November 22, 2018
Last activity: November 30, 2018

Using Declared Index Table for a different class or as a class join

I need to be able to use the records in a Declared-Index table as either an index join or class join, obviously, Pega is preventing such usage.

The scenario is as follows:
I have a Pagelist within a Work- class that indicate who have access to this case, this is dynamic and selected and changed anytime the user desired.

A DI is created to flatten this into a corresponding table.

In the Assign-Worklist, I want to get a list of workitems that the current user have access to, based on the assignment as well as the Pagelist info (output thru a DI).

However, I am not allowed to do a Index Join to the Assign-Worklist because this is an index belonging to the Work-, not Assign-.

I am also not allowed to use this DI table as a class join to Assign-Worklist, as Pega does not allow me to map the corresponding keys from both tables.

Could anyone advise how I could use the RD to get a list of relevant workitems that a given user has access to based on the Pagelist defined above?

Using row Visibility is an option, but I hope to get the list from RD directly.

I am also trying to avoid RDB related stuff too.

Thanks and looking forward to any advice.


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