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Francisco Javier Guzman Anaya (FranciscoJavierG2301)
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Posted: May 18, 2020
Last activity: July 27, 2020

Values are empty for properties for an alternate SR class in real-time containers when set in the SR

May you help me please, I am trying to debug an alternate strategy in the NBA Framework, this strategy is set at Engagement Policies-> Eligibility, returning all the outputs when there are. This alternate strategy works fine if I unit test it using a DT and an external strategy to invoke it, emulating the pass of proposition data the NBA will do.


For doing this debugging I have tried to expose a SR property and a proposition property to save there the value of pxSegment and others. To do so I followed the implementation guide for Pega Marketing and Pega Marketing for Financial Services, I am using the latter. I was able to expose the two new properties at the Real-Time Container however the values set at the alternate SR are not being returned. In the case of the Proposition property I see that the value returned is the one set at Customer Attributes, as for the SR property the value is empty. 


Debugging TransformSROutput I noticed that the primary page, PublicComponent.pxResults(1), does not have the value for the SR property nor the updated value for the proposition property. My expectation was that this OOTB page contains the results from the alternate strategy. 


Notice that setting a value directly to a property from Int-PegaCDH-Container class at TransformSROutput does modify the output as expected, and so is visible in the response json.


Following are the steps I followed from the implementation guide:

  • Making custom Strategy Result properties available for real-time container data flows 
  • Setting the custom property in a real-time container response
  • Returning properties of an alternate SR class in a real-time container response 

I also took a look to following question in the collaboration center:

Am I missing something that is not in the implementation guide or am I misunderstanding the use of these properties?


Thanks in advance

Pega Marketing for Financial Services 8.4 Decision Management Financial Services Business Architect