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Posted: October 10, 2020
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Vulnerable fix for pyUnsafeURL

 We have few HTML Fragments with code snippet with below patterns, which throwing pyUnsafeURL vulnerability when Rule security vulnerability tool is ran.

1) var var_name = <some string>

            var_name = var_name.replace('a','b');

2) var var_name = pxReqURI + "?pyActivity=A-B-C.Act_Name&tabname=Tab_1";

 For the second pattern we have tried oSafeURL as below but still it showing the vulnerability.

            var oSafeURL = new SafeURL("A-B-C.Act_Name");


            var var_name = oSafeURL.toURL();

   But still we are seeing this snippet in vulnerability list.


Can someone please provide an alternative for these patterns to avoid vulnerability.


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