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Posted: July 18, 2016
Last activity: July 19, 2016

Cannot update startegy rule

The first two exercises in this course have the trainee make simple changes to the ProductOffers Strategy. The issue I am facing is that the rule can't be modified. It is locked it seems. I understand the labs, and what impact they will have. I am wondering what step I missed somewhere along the way that allows for modification of the rule. Thanks in advance for support.


See as example lab (the set-up import of  "WhatIsInTheBox.jar" was done prior to exercise:


As a Strategy Designer we are going to explore the Next-Best-Action decision strategy structure of our application and modify the strategy to display all available offers instead of the top-3.


As a strategy designer modify the Next-Best-Action strategy such that it returns all offers.

  • Login to the portal and execute TopOffers offer flow
  • Create a new revisioin, a new change request, include all business rules
  • Open the Next Best Action strategy and inspect it
  • Modify Product Offers strategy and change prioritization rule to output Top 1 instead of Top 3
  • Test the change by reexecuting TopOffers flow
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