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Posted: January 27, 2016
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CAReturnToCaller not working as expected

We are upgrading from v5.5 to v7.1.9 and CPMI v2.X to CSI 7.1.4.

In our Interaction flow, if insured is not found we captured insured (similar to calling AddNewContact flow from AppContactSearch flow), in v5.5 when CreateNewContact flow action is submitted CANewContactCreate post processing activity is called which inturns call AddWork and call AddNewContact flow. In AddNewContact flow at end there is an utility CAReturnToCaller is called which takes you from NewContact flow back to Interaction Driver flow.

After upgrade, CAReturnToCaller is not working as expected. After new contact is added it is closing work and returning to Home instead of returning to Driver flow. This activity has 3 paramaters (CalledFromScreen, IgnoreTabbedNavigation, ParentPage), in v5.5 1st and Last parameter was sent blank and activity caluclates with default values for 2nd paramater in v5.5 it was true now for 7.1.9 Interaction Portal i set this propert to false. Either case it is not working.

Is this Activity behaves correctly for CPMInteraationPortal , Any idea please?

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