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Posted: March 21, 2021
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Cases/work objects processing behavior and configuration in theme cosmos applications

In theme cosmos applications, case assignments are processed in ajax containers (OOTB platform feature). There are three ajax containers used and customized for cosmos specific behaviors. Below are the ajax containers and their usage:

1.  ACPrimary – for processing the case assignments

Primary ajax container

 2.  ACSecondary – for showing the preview panel 

Secondary ajax container

 3.  ACTertiary – for showing the create modal and other work actions on dialog containers

Tertiary ajax container


By default, when a case is opened, the assignments are processed in primary ajax container.

For case’s flow actions and local actions, these are also processed in ajax containers and are launched in tertiary ajax containers

Launching case actions from preview panel in tertilary ajax container



OOTB harness actions api from the platform has been enhanced to support theme cosmos behaviour. We have exposed a new parameter to process the case assignment in a ajax container.

Updated ootb action api’s:

  1. pega.ui.HarnessActions.handleMenuAction
  2. pega.ui.HarnessActions.addWorkFromActionsMenu

Targeting ajax containers:

Action Api

Parameter to target primary ajax container

Parameter to target tertiary ajax container



mdcTarget : acprimary

mdcTarget : actertiary



mdcTarget : acprimary

mdcTarget : actertiary

Ajax container configuration

Note: By default, when flow and local actions are launched from preview panel, the assignments are processed in tertiary ajax containers.

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