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Posted: January 11, 2019
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Creating Custom Dashboard Widget For Case Manager Portal

  • Go to Designer Studio > App > Reports > Report Definition > Create.
    • Add a name to the report definition and Create and Open the report.

  • Before adding to the report column, optimize each property for reporting.

  • Under the column source, add the properties you want to display in the report definition.

  • Add any filters to the properties added if required: eg; pyStatusWork = “New”.
  • Save and run the report definition.
  • Next go to Designer Studio > App > User Interface > Section > Create.
    • Add a label to the section and save it under the Data-Portal class.

  • Go to Section Settings and select dashboard widget.
    • Add a widget title, a short description and an icon.

  • Include a table to the dynamic layout and add a title to the table.
  • Also, add the source of the table which in this case is the report definition. Mention the class of the report and its title.

  • Include as many columns you would like to display on the report. In Each column add the property and its label.
  • All the properties must be included in report definition before adding to the section columns.

  • Save and run the section.
  • Launch Case Manager Portal and click the gear icon to personalize the dashboard.
    • Click ‘Add widget(s)’ and the widget title that was created above should appear.

  • Select that widget and click Publish.
  • The widget with the Report column will display on the dashboard.

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