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Data propagation between Candidate Case and Employee Onboarding Case together

Within the SAE2 course it is explained how perform data propogation of a property between a parent (Onboarding) and subcase (Benefits Selctions). My question is how can you link the Candidate Case of SAEI to the Onboarding case and propagate (?) the values from the candidate property towards the employee property.

Based on my understanding the following activities are required:

1. Change the step type of Kick-off Onboarding from singel step towards Case and choose to create a top case and apply a data transform Candidate -> Employee.

It seems hower I'm not able to define a data transform between the Candidate and Employee property. The data transform is default on SAE-HRServices-Work-Onboarding class but the Candidate property is not available for selection :-(

Once I would be succesfull in populating the employee property I want to skip the user assignment to enter employee details but still send out an e-mail notifcation. Therefor I would either

A. Change the step enter employee information to start with a decision to check if the employee record is available. If exist move send out e-mail directly otherwise present data entry form. 

B. Move the send e-mail to a sperate step in the stage and use a when rule to check if the employee property is already available to present the assignment.

Which of the two approaches can be considered best practise or is there even an better approach






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