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Notification framework: How to raise a new Notification

Notification framework:

This framework is aimed to provide end-to-end infrastructure for applications to deal with notifications related capabilities on any channels and to help users stay informed about the important events in the application.

Framework components:

  • Notification rule: To capture Notification related data.
    • What to send?
    • Whom to send?
    • Where to send?
  • Notification channels
    • Web gadget (Pega 7.3) (Bell icon in Case manager portal)
    • Email (Pega 7.3)
    • Mobile push notifications (Pega 7.3.1)
    • Ability to define custom channels
  • Different ways to trigger a notification:
    • pxNotify API
    • Smart shape in flows
    • Smart step in Case designer
  • User preferences
    • Ability for end users to opt in or out for receiving notifications across channels

How to configure and send a new Notification:

Let's say we have a business requirement of sending out Notification to the sales team when a new Lead (case) is created.

  • Step 1: Create a new Notification rule in Lead class
    • Rule can be created from New --> Process --> Notification
    • Primarily there are three important details that need to be captured as part of a Notification rule form
      • Message: What is the message that needs to be conveyed
        • A field value to ensure localization
        • Can be parameterized to ensure content is rich enough to convey event information
      • Recipients: Who are the intended users that need to be informed about the event that occurred
      • Channels: How to convey the message to the intended users
  • Step 2: Raise this notification
    • Below options are provided to send the Notification
      • Send notification smart shape
      • pxNotify API activity
      • Send notification step in case designer
    • All these options take notification rule name as parameter
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