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Approach to support regional/country specific variations in case types

Hi ,

We trying to identify the approach to support regional/country specific variations .

Use case

  1. There will be a single case type which is supposed to work as a guideline or parent case type
  2. There will be regional variation to this parent case type like additional steps , process. Regional variations may have less or just mandatory stages/process or steps as well.
  3. Regional variations may be on region or country specific. Regions may include up to 40~50 countries.
  4. Reporting is required on the stages of work object.

We are looking for a maintainable approach to implement such use cases? Below are some approaches we are thinking of.

1. Different case types for country basis ?
2. Create one case type and add specialization of case types for regional variation and circumstance for country on country basis.
3. Create one case type and circumstance “Process” for regional and country specific variations.

If anyone has faced similar situation, Please provide us input on the better approach?


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