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Posted: November 4, 2015
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Archiving the data to a different table

I wanted to archive the work data to an archive table within the same database.

Problem with OOTB purging & archiving is, we cannot import/restore the content to a different table within the same application.

We tried the below approach "

-> Created an archive class for every work class and respective database table too

         Eg :  ABC_DEF_AB_Work pc_work , ABC_DEF_AB_Work_Arc pc_work_arc

-> Using DB queries, we have copied the content from Active to Archive tables (Work, Attachment, History, Links, etc)

The problem that we were facing is, PRPC is not indexing(lucene) the new archived table, so we cannot do a lucene search on the work objects.

Can anyone recommend an approach or the recommend us the changes that work for our design.

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