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Posted: November 3, 2020
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Posted: 3 Nov 2020 16:02 EST
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Assignment of users to one common workbasket

In our current process, we have multiple workbaskets. Whenever we have a new project, a new workbasket is created and assigned to users working on that project, Problem is that whenever we have a new project or change in users (add or remove from project), we have to go in and manually make the changes. If the new user is assigned to multiple projects then we have to manually assign all those WBs to the user. The chances of error or missing a project or user in assignments is very likely when we have to manage hundreds of WBs and thousand of users. We are planning to create one common WB for all projects and then assign it to users based on ABAC rules to give them view and modify access. Every user will only view the project based on their project and access levels. But we dont want to assign this new WB to thousands of users manually. Is there an easy way to assign this WB to users so its quick and easy to maintain in future when we have new projects and change in users. 


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