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Attaching Documents from a third party doc capture software to Pega Case

Good Morning,

I am working on a PoC to prove that Pega can launch a third party software (cloud or local) to capture documents, classify them and deliver them to Pega to attach to a case. Here is expected sequence of events;

1. Pega launches 3rd party software in a pop-up window (most probably using OpenURLinWindow function).

2. User uploads documents using pop-up window

3. The 3rd party software classifies the documents based on its internal logic

4. The 3rd party software then delivers uploaded documents to Pega to be attached to a case.

What I am not clear on is that how this software will deliver docs to Pega. Is there any API that I can use to do this ? I was thinking about using UpdateCase API but not sure how a document (PDF, Word, JPEG etc.) would be delivered to Pega using this API.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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