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Posted: July 25, 2018
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Case dependency does not work with ABAC

I would appreciate your help in finding solution to following scenario:

In our process we create child cases and assign them to particular users. The parent case is supposed to wait until all the children are resolved. The dependency can not be checked as we have quite rigorous security on the child. Only assigned user can view it and perform action on it. To do that we have implemented ABAC on child case. Access Control Policy Condition has 2 conditions: first is checking if current operator is the one that is assigned to the case and another is checking if the case has status Resolved-Completed. Once it is resolved it can be accessed by agents. The problem is that the case dependency agent has no access to rest of the children if they are not resolved, so it proceeds as if no more were there.


What I was thinking: is adding one more condition to make the child case accessible by the dependency agent but unfortunately I am not sure how to check for the agent.

Please see my security conditions attached.

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