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Posted: May 9, 2016
Last activity: October 28, 2016

Class Structure design considerations

We are in the design phase of a new application and are working on class structure design.

When we created a New Application using Pega wizard, the resultant ruleset stack in operator profile looked like this. (From top to bottom)

" IMPLEMENTATION level rulesets, DIVISION level rulesets, UNIT level rulesets, ORG level rulesets, FRAMEWORK level rulesets, PEGA rulesets "

There are two things that needed clarification here.

1) Why are FRAMEWORK rulesets at the bottom of the stack just above PEGA rulesets. Instead, shouldn' they be just a level below IMPLEMENTATION rulesets ?

2) Shouldn't UNIT and DIVISION level rulesets swap their positions so that the usual sequence of UNIT - DIVISION - ORG is held ?

We expected the ruleset stack would be like this.

" IMPLEMENTATION levle rulesets, FRAMEWORK level rulesets, UNIT level rulesets, DIVISION level rulesets, ORG level rulesets, PEGA rulesets "

Please help us understand the rationale behind the above two points as to why PEGA designed it that way so that we could have a better class structure designed.

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