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Conflicting Error Messages - how to resolve

Hi all,

I am running in to a situation where the Designer is giving me conflicting error messages, and I don't know how to resolve this.

Class "Patient" has been defined as inheriting from class "Member". One property of "Member" is a Page-List of another class, "MemberNotes".

So far, so good.

If I try to reference the "MemberNotes" property of the Patient class directly on a section, Pega tells me when I preview the section:

: The reference .Claim.Patient.MemberNotes.Type is not valid. Reason: list property 'MemberNotes' must have an index

Fair enough. It's a Page List Property, so this makes sense.

I then try to create a Repeating-Grid type of Layout for the MemberNotes property. However, when I try to save the updated section, Pega tells me:

PageList Property for repeating row: ** Harness-NotAListProperty .Claim.Patient.MemberNotes

So, which is it? Is this a List (which it is) or not? I don't know where to go to figure out what the Section designer is wanting me to do. I'd like to display a grid of the data in the MemberNotes PageList. But the Section either does (first message) or does not (second message) want me to reference the Patient.MemberNotes property as a list.

Thanks in advance,

Definition for "Data-Patient":


Definiton for "Data-Member"



Note that "MemberNotes" is defined as a Page List

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