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Posted: July 25, 2016
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Custom Filter Section for Report Definition How To?

I'm not finding much information on setting up custom filter sections. Pega 7.2 or 7.1.9

Can someone please provide a general overview of how to use custom filter sections? and how to get the values of the custom filter section to be picked up by the report.

I have a report in the Report Browser and I'm simply trying to have the user input a Start Date and and End Date and I want those values entered by the user to be used to set the parameters defined in the Report definition rule.

I have 2 parameters defined in the report definition. RepStartDt and RepEndDt. I want these parameters to be set by whatever the user chooses for Start Date and End Date in the custom filter section so that I can then pass these parameters through to a sub report. The sub report has the same 2 parameters as the main report.

I have a Section called "TestSection" which is in a data class (SAE-HRServices-Data-Whatever)

This section has 2 date controls set to use property .StartDate and .EndDate and then I have an on Change activities for both these controls which are in the same data class of (SAE-HRServices-Data-Whatever) and this activity sets param.RepStartDt = .StartDate and para.RepStartDt = .EndDate

The report definition is in the same data class (SAE-HRServices-Data-Whatever)

I have the following settings on the report viewer tab:

Display filters using custom section is checked

Display custom section inline is checked

Class name: (SAE-HRServices-Data-Whatever)
Name: TestSection
Prefix: CustomFilterTest

When the report is run in the report browser, my section of "TestSection" is displayed just fine and I can pick a start and end date but when I click "Apply Changes", nothing happens

Please advise!

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