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Data-Admin-Kafka Configuration with Pega 8.3 Cloud

We are looking to Integrate Kafka with Pega 8.3.0 Version (Cloud). Steps that we have taken so far are as follows:

1) Created a Kafka Data Instance and provided the Host Name and Port Number. We are able to telnet successfully to this Host name and port.

2) In the Security Setting: Use SSL Configuration and created a Keystore instance which is referred in Kafka configuration. Also, checked Use Client Certificate and created another keystore instance which is referred in Kafka configuration.

3) Tried to save the instance and got an error
'Connection failed Error connecting to Kafka. Timeout expired while fetching topic metadata'

We have following questions:
1) How do we enable the JAAS configuration in the Kafka rule. (As per pega help, please find the screen shot, but will we be able to do if we are using Pega Cloud Instance). I think this configuration is possible only if we are using on-prem. What we can do to get this?

Please guide us to support team who can help us in this regard, or if any one else have worked with Pega cloud to resolve this.

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