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Data model tab on Case type rule

When configuring the case type, I can choose what fields to display on the "Case information" section.

If I choose a single property without calculation, it appears on a case.

However I would like to display some fields that are on a page property (I created a data type). I can add the page as a field group on the data model tab of the case type rule, but cannot reference the fields on the page there. The data type page or properties do not show up on the "Case information" section. Also a declare index refering a field on the page, does not show, since, I think, calculated field are also not shown.

Am I misunderstanding the usage of data types on a case? Is it correct that calculated fields are not shown? How should I refer to properties on a page to show case wide?

(Pega 7.2)

Case Management Data Integration User Interface
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