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Posted: March 15, 2016
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DDS Setting Not being Updated in prconfig.xml

Hello All:

In order to control the Connector Threshold value, that is present in the prlogging.xml file, I have a added a new Dynamic System Setting, as follows:

Owning Ruleset: Pega-Engine

Setting Purpose: prconfig/alerts/connectors/totalRequestTime/threshold

Value: 5000

However, the setting in prlogging.xml is showing as:

Purpose: alerts/connectors/totalrequesttime/threshold

Setting: 100

I am not sure why the setting is showing as 100?

I had to add the setting in DDS, as it was not showing in prconfig.

The default threshold for this setting is 1000. I changed it to 5000, after adding it via a DDS entry.

So, I am not sure why it is showing as 100???

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