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Editable data page thread scope is not refreshing immediately.

I have created editable Datapage (D_ABC_Param)of list type using page type of datapage D_ABC (parent datapage).I have used the D_ABC_Param in the table grid layout and I need to perform CRUD operation on the results.I able to add,update,delete operations on the results but its behaving weird.

If I am adding A record ,i have done refresh section also after add/delete,newly added record is not getting displayed after section refresh.When I am adding another record called B,then first record A is getting displayed in the list.and when another record adding then B is getting displayed.

to refresh data page i have used Page-Remove,pzFlushDataPage,java code to delete all instances of data page passing data page to it but the pages form clipboard is not getting deleted or refreshed. How do we delete editable data pages from clipboard so that for all refresh it will fetch the latest record (added/updated). Can some body help here.. I am using pega 7.3.1.

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