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Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii
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Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii
Posted: July 21, 2021
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Posted: 21 Jul 2021 8:13 EDT
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Google Chrome browser + dropdown + refresh other sections


We faced the following problem: we have a section, the section has a dynamic layout with a dropdown and has another dynamic layout.

There is an action "refresh this section" on the dropdown. Refresh does not happen in the Google Chrome browser (the refresh occurs in FireFox, and also occured in pega 7.2.2. Now we are using pega 8.5.2)

After debugging the scripts being executed, I found where the error was - in Pega's internal JS "pzpega_ui_events". On the picture, the highlighted part is the cause of the defect. When I delete this path, actions on dropdowns start working correctly in chrome (so when I delete highlighted snippet, action "refresh this section" works correctly in Chrome). The code contains the comment "BUG 544011 ..."

thereby, I have questions:

1.Is this a known issue?

2. Are there any HFix-es or do we need to re-save the Pega's final internal JS rule on our own project so that the defect stops reproducing?

Thanks for answers!

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