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Avik Chakraborty (AVIKCEMK)
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Cognizant Technology Solutions
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Cognizant Technology Solutions
Posted: December 1, 2019
Last activity: May 29, 2020

Help in running FSG application(CLSA app build start point)

I have imported app build starting point zip in my Linux lite VM .I was trying to understand the Front stage application case life cycle .

In the Hotel case type,after entering all information ,as per the flow,Hotel proxy case gets created ,through pega's rest API(Post method).

I am getting HTTP 500 error code from rest connector and not able to create Hotel proxy case .


the HTTP response code of 500 indicated a server error. The response data may contain a reason. // The body of the service's response, which is set up for mapping in the Connector rule, was empty for this service call.

can anyone please advise here.

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