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How to build assignment authority matrix through Work groups

How to define access controls to restrict the assignments based on work groups .

Use case :-System takes approvals from three departments before it gets resolved, Each department is treated as a work group and system should assign the cases dynamically to the users of work group based on work load & availability and it can be done using ToLeveledWorkGroup but how to define authority matrix using work group as mentioned below .

1) L1_WG ( only able to perform cases which are assigned to their team).
2) L2_WG ( Able to work on cases which are assigned to L1_WG & L2_WG but not L3_WG)
3) L3_WG ( Access to L1_WG , L2_WG and L3_WG).

Is there any better solution to implement it without tweaking "CanPerform Access when"/ defining skills .

Pega 7.3.1

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Case Management Security
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