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How to change the settings of OOTB DateTime control all over the application in one place


There are misc DateTime control based properties in Pega (pxCreateDateTime, pxUpdateDateTime, etc) but I would like to change a couple of settings in this DateTime control everywhere in an application. One way to do it is to change control in a cell in every section but it is too much effort. Another way is to create a new control from DateTime (say, JapanDateTime) and apply that in everywhere. This is still too much effort. Third way is to override Work-.pxCreateDateTime to set JapanDateTime instead of pxDateTime. This has to be done per each DateTime based property (@baseclass.pxCreateDateTime, pxUpdateDateTime, etc).

I would like to change it in one place and apply that to entire DateTime based property in an application. pxDateTime is Final control. Given this situation, what is the minimum code to achieve this?


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