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How to check the Precision Value of a Double or Decimal Property

Hi There,

I would like to know if we have any OOTB functionality or any other way to check the below.

Check the Precision Value of a Double or Decimal Property. We are not using UI so cannot use the pyDecimalPrecision in the property qualifiers.

Tried using IsDouble, this will check if the value is double but would not check the Precision value count. We refrain from using any any of the Advance setting in the property rule as this is BRE and we will determine logic based on these kind of requirements.

Example: 123.03 is valid. 123.321 is invalid.

If the value we get from external system is 123.321 then we have to check if the Precision > 2 (In this case true). If so then we need to run the custom logic.

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