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Posted: July 1, 2020
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Posted: 1 Jul 2020 13:21 EDT
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How does does RuntimeConfig and the Workgroup get assigned via Robot Manager & the RPA Service?

I have been working on setting up a proof of concept using non-persistent VMs for robots. I noticed that in Robot Manager you can move robots from one workgroup to another. You can also create and assign Runtime configs.

I notice that the workgroup assignment is in the Common config file, which I assume is edited by the RPA service when Robot Manager tells it that the value must be changed. Is that so?

Does the RPA Service check with Robot Manager to get the assigned workgroup and Runtime config each time it starts up? Or does it only get the new values when they're changed in Robot Manager?

If it's the former then the non-persistence of the VMs would not matter, as the RPA service will set things like they should be on each start and/or heartbeat, no matter what the default settings are in the local configs.

But if it's the latter then the non-persistence of the VMs means that when it's reverted to its original state, the default config files will also be restored and both the workgroup and the RuntimeConfig would have to be manually reassigned in Robot Manager. And that would be undesirable.

I'm asking these questions now to get some idea, as I'm not currently able to continue with the proof of concept to try it first hand.


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